North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Oxbow Social Media Monitoring Announced as NFHS Corporate Partner

       INDIANAPOLIS— Oxbow Social Media Monitoring, which has created an app to help parents monitor use of social media by their children, is a new Corporate Partner of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).  

       As part of a three-year agreement, Oxbow Social Media Monitoring will be the exclusive licensee for girls gymnastics, which will include coverage in the sport’s rules book, scorebook and rules PowerPoint, as well as sponsorship of the rules poster.

       “We believe this is a great tool to help parents monitor the use of social media by their kids and are pleased to partner with Oxbow through this agreement,” said Bob Gardner, NFHS executive director. “This partnership is a great fit as there are almost 12 million young people involved in high school athletics and performing arts programs who need to safely navigate the social media world. We look forward to working with Oxbow for the next three years.”

       Available through the App Store, the Oxbow app allows parents to approve or deny their children’s posts prior to going live, monitor their children’s accounts from their own mobile device, see what their children see with access to their live home feeds, block followers to control threatening or inappropriate content and flag content for discussion with their children at a later time.

       With the Oxbow app, parents not only can have some degree of protection through the monitoring of their children’s accounts, but can identify some teachable moments and help their children develop the skills necessary to live safely in the social media world.

       “Teenagers today face different challenges than their parents did as teens,” said Chip Krueger, Oxbow president. “It’s a very scary online world – cyber-bullying, oversharing, selfies. Parents finally have a tool to help them protect, control and teach safe social media use. The NFHS is showing tremendous leadership by proactively addressing social media use. We applaud them for beginning the dialogue and are proud to be a corporate sponsor.”