North Carolina High School Athletic Association

North Carolina Coaches Association Also Works To Benefit Member Schools

       The North Carolina High School Athletic Association and the North Carolina Coaches Association enjoy a great relationship—one that is considered a model nationally for how a state association and coaches’ association can work together.

       One aspect of that cooperation that directly benefits member schools of the NCHSAA is one of which many people may not be aware.  Each year the NCCA pays for the National Federation rule books in football, basketball, baseball and softball that are sent by the NCHSAA to head coaches in each of those sports. In this way the coaches’ association is providing the latest national playing rules to coaches all over North Carolina.

       Of course, there are many other ways that the two organizations interact and support one another. A member of the NCCA executive staff has served on the NCHSAA Board of Directors for many years and provides valuable insight for the Board’s discussion.  Members of the NCHSAA staff are directly involved with presenting rules sessions at the annual NCCA coaches’ clinic in Greensboro, one of the largest of its kind in the country.  And there are other examples of how the organizations work together.

       Two of the most prestigious awards which are given to schools at the NCHSAA Annual Meeting in May are actually tri-sponsored, by the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association, the NCCA and the NCHSAA.  Both the Exemplary School Award and the State Sportsmanship Award are results of the cooperation among the three statewide organizations.

       “We are very proud of our relationship with the North Carolina Coaches Association and very much appreciate the many ways that organization supports the NCHSAA and its member schools,” said Que Tucker, interim commissioner of the NCHSAA. “Providing the rule books for coaches at our schools in several sports is a great service.”