North Carolina High School Athletic Association

NCHSAA releases recipients of 2020-2021 Homer Thompson Memorial “Eight Who Make A Difference” Awards

The Homer Thompson Memorial “Eight Who Make A Difference” Awards are presented annually to one individual from each of the NCHSAA’s eight regions. The Awards are sponsored by NC Farm Bureau. The awards are given based on the recipients’ virtue and commitment to sportsmanship, leadership and a positive, dedicated approach to coaching.


Region 1 – Lisa Perry (Gates County) Track & Field and Cross Country Coach

Lisa Perry is a head coach in Cross Country and Track & Field at Gates County High. She is known for her ability to help athletes of all ability levels participate in athletics.

Region 2 – Caroline Warmack (West Craven) Volleyball Assistant Coach

Caroline Warmack is from West Craven High School. Warmack is an assistant volleyball coach and noted for her motivation to develop young people through leadership and mentoring.

Region 3 – Michael Mosely (SouthWest Edgecombe) Men’s Basketball Coach

Michael Mosley is from Southwest Edgecombe High School. Mosley is the schools’ head men’s basketball coach and is chosen for his consistency in highlighting players who demonstrate the team values of family, community, trust and loyalty.

Region 4 – Sandy Yarborough (Southern Lee) Cheerleading Coach

Sandy Yarborough is from Southern Lee High School. Coach Yarborough is the cheerleading coach at Southern Lee, known for her extremely compassionate care for her students, helping to equip them with the tools to be positive young women of character.

Region 5 – Daniel Villa (High Point Central) Men’s Soccer Coach

Daniel Villa is the Men’s Soccer Coach at High Point Central. Coach Villa is known for his commitment to conditioning and preparation, bringing out the best in his players as he goes above and beyond his duties in sacrificial service to his students.

Region 6 – Lavar Batts, Sr. (Jay M. Robinson) Men’s Basketball Coach

Lavar Batts, Sr., is from Jay M. Robinson High School. Coach Batts is the Men’s Basketball Coach and even stepped up to coach the Women’s Basketball team when COVID-19 issues struck at the school. He is known for his high-energy personality and passion that is contagious to his students.

Region 7 – Ron Turner (Wilkes Central) Football Coach

Ron Turner is from Wilkes Central High School. Coach Turner is the head football coach and has had a long battle with cancer that has inspired his students and athletes because of his dedication and commitment to the team.

Region 8 – Michelle Wagaman (T.C. Roberson) Volleyball Coach

Michelle Wagaman is from T.C. Roberson High School. Coach Wagaman is the head volleyball coach for the Rams and is beloved for her work with students to help raise money for charitable causes, including leading her team to raise more than five thousand dollars to benefit ALS Research over the last three years.