North Carolina High School Athletic Association

NCHSAA Members give generously to help schools affected by Hurricane Matthew

CHAPEL HILL – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association partnered with member schools in October 2016 to help raise funds to assist school systems in areas heavily affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Just one week after the event ravaged our coast, the NCHSAA and member schools organized “Hurricane Matthew Relief Assistance Night” around Friday Night Football games and many other athletic events on over 60 campuses involving more than 100 member schools. The efforts of the schools raised $24,131.21 and the NCHSAA Board of Directors approved matching funds up to $20,000 prior to the event, bringing the total distribution of funds up to $44,131.21 for schools in devastated North Carolina counties.

Many schools took monetary donations at the gates of their athletic events, while others used 50-50 raffles or donation drives during the school day. One school, Rocky Mount, gave $1 for each ticket sold for their game against Fike.

“It was a tremendous effort overall on short notice for our schools and their communities. For NCHSAA members to respond in such a timely and gracious manner speaks very highly of their commitment to help our state in a time of need,” said Que Tucker, commissioner of the NCHSAA. “Through the generous support of our member schools, their fans and our Board of Directors, the NCHSAA was able to make a significant impact helping schools in areas that were hardest hit.”

Funds were distributed as schools requested funds for repair and recovery needs in counties that the Federal Emergency Management Agency designated as disaster areas.

Archived Matthew Relief Night Listing