NCHSAA, Csg Announce Partnership

North Carolina High School Athletic Association Takes Proactive Approach to Address Bacterial Issues in Sports

Rochester Hills, MI….CSG, the worldwide leader in environmentally-beneficial surface treatments, and the North Carolina High School School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) today announced an exclusive partnership that will make the company’s Surface Antimicrobial System (SAS) family of products and services available to the Association’s 386 member schools and the student-athletes who represent them.

Powered by the world’s most environmentally-friendly antimicrobial technology, SAS treatments transform surfaces and washable fabrics into materials that fight the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold non-stop for up to three years.

“We believe that the services which CSG provides could be of great benefit to our schools,” said NCHSAA executive director Charlie Adams. “That is one major reason that this outstanding company should be an excellent addition to our array of corporate partners. We certainly look forward to this relationship.”

The deal is an innovative step forward in the fight against bacterial problems facing America’s schools and athletic programs. CSG’s exclusive partnership with the NCHSAA paves the way for all 386 NCHSAA schools to provide their students with the unique and trusted antimicrobial products and services currently used by some of America’s most prominent organizations. CSG’s SAS treatments have been applied to over 35 million square feet of surfaces in schools, professional sports franchises, universities, hospitals, and United States Military installations. Prominent users include the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, New York Yankees, U.S. Olympic Basketball, Miami Heat, Washington Redskins, University of South Carolina, and the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

“The NCHSAA is among a growing number of state athletic associations that are re-defining how bacterial issues in high school sports are minimized by taking proactive steps,” said Craig Andrews, CSG Chief Executive Officer. “Communities across North Carolina should take note of what the NCHSAA is doing because it shows a tremendous commitment to the young athletes it serves.”

CSG’s SAS treatments are unique, water-based antimicrobial treatments that inhibit the growth of a bacteria, mold, and fungi non-stop on any surface or washable fabric for years with just one application. The product line is anchored by SurfaceAide® 1000, and also includes: SurfaceAide® XL, FabricAide® and TurfAide®. All these advanced antimicrobial products are available by contacting CSG’s North Carolina office at 336.970.0652 or

Just one treatment of SurfaceAide 1000 will inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi on surfaces for up to three years when professionally applied and one year when self-applied. The safe and environmentally-beneficial antimicrobial fights a wide array of harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi growth 24/7. Moreover, SurfaceAide 1000 will not create adaptive organisms or “super bugs” like MRSA.

SurfaceAide XL delivers all the antimicrobial characteristics of SurfaceAide 1000, except its efficacy is 90 days.

FabricAide is a unique and innovative antimicrobial product that when applied through the wash, will continually inhibit the growth of a wide array of bacteria, mold, and fungi on any fabric or textile. Defined by its durability, FabricAide’s unmatched antimicrobial effectiveness will last a minimum of 30 washes before another application is needed. No other product will eliminate odor, staining and deterioration caused by microbial contaminants as well as FabricAide.

TurfAide, which works non-stop to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi for years, is the only EPA registered antimicrobial product in the world that has been independently tested and approved for use on synthetic turf. Its ability to extend the life of the field by minimizing destructive microbial contaminants is unmatched. Its unique and highly-advanced antimicrobial technology will proactively eliminate odor and other issues associated with a wide array of bacteria, mold, and fungi. TurfAide, which will be applied to over 10 million square feet of synthetic turf in 2009 is used by professional organizations such as the St. Louis Rams and is factory-installed on all AstroTurf® fields installed in the United States.

About CSG

CSG is the worldwide leader in environmentally-beneficial surface treatments. Its PURETi™ and Surface Antimicrobial System™ (SAS) products and services are used to minimize the spread of disease and improve the environment by some of the world’s most prominent organizations. CSG’s client list includes: the U.S. Military, New York Yankees, U.S. Olympic Team, Los Angeles Community College, and over 1,200 educational facilities. To date, CSG’s unique and innovative technologies have been applied to over 50 million square feet of surface area and millions of pounds of laundry. All of its unique treatments and services can be applied to virtually any surface or textile. For more information on CSG, visit or call 888.510.2847.