NCHSAA Board Of Directors Completes Spring Meeting

 CHAPEL HILL— The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors completed its spring Board meeting on Wednesday at the NCHSAA offices.

 “The Board had a number of very difficult issues to address,” said Davis Whitfield, commissioner. “We had a very challenging and comprehensive agenda, and, in the end, the Board was thoughtful and made decisions that it felt was in the best interests of all member schools.”

 A new statewide transfer policy for athletics was passed by the Board.

—After initial entry into ninth grade and absent a bona fide move as provided in the Residence section in the NCHSAA Handbook:

—a student transferring from a member school to another member school within the same local educational agency (LEA) must sit out 365 days for athletic participation. The LEA may create criteria for immediate athletic eligibility for transfers within the LEA.

—a student transferring from a member school in one LEA to another member public school in another LEA (without a bona fide change of residence) must sit out 365 days for athletic participation. Exceptions for immediate athletic eligibility for transfers from one LEA to a different LEA will be heard by a special NCHSAA Transfer Committee.

Another of the major items has to do with boundary criteria for non-traditional schools which don’t have traditional boundaries.

 — A student is eligible at any school upon initial entry into ninth grade. After initial entry into ninth grade, transfer and boundary criteria shall apply as follows:

Student shall live in the county where non-traditional school is located, or student shall live within 25-mile radius of the non traditional school as measured by NCHSAA designated computer program; or student is member of parochial church and submits authorized pastor verification form;

 Other items included:

— Eliminated NCHSAA share of gate in first round playoff games (one dollar surcharge stays) in all sports but football and men’s and women’s basketball, which will leave more revenue for participating schools

— Recommend ticket price adjustments for playoffs, after surveying schools and seeing what is charged at regular season season; all sports except cross country, swimming and diving and individual wrestling will see increase

— Will offer two deadlines for membership applications, November 1 and April 1; to change date for Declaration of Intent for participation in realignment to window from October 15 to November 1 every four years;

— Change requirement for NCHSAA standard contract from mandatory to recommended; contract will have some revised language

—Recommendation to continue to seed basketball, add women’s and men’s soccer for seeding for next year; look at potentially adding other sports during realignment period 2013-17.

—Adjusted formula for qualifying for playoffs for new realignment period starting in 2013

—Change in qualifying standards for women’s golf; in 1A/2A and 3A must average 55; 4A would have to average 50. Include minimum of five nine-hole matches for determining average

—Adjustment in wrestling calendar, to end one week earlier due to facility conflict at Greensboro Coliseum for 2013-14 championship, shortens season by one week

—Approved five new regional supervisors of officials covering a variety of sports

—Approved using three officials in all lacrosse playoff games, starting next year

—Among Sports Medicine Advisory Committee recommendations which were approved:

—made an adjustment for an NCHSAA member school to seek conference membership in the future; school must field an established minimum number of sports each year as follows: six per school, three men and three women, including at least two in each sport season, with one male and one female sport in each season

—6011 coaches in North Carolina have received national certification from the National Federation since May 2012

 —A report from Anna Broome of Carrboro High School of the NCHSAA’s Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)