North Carolina High School Athletic Association

National High School Sports Publication Awards Contest Announced


        LAUREL, MD–The National High School Sports Publication Awards (NHSSPA) has issued a Call for Entries associated with its seventh annual awards competition.


         The competition is designed to recognize excellence in the preparation of high school athletic media guides and souvenir programs produced and/or distributed during 2013 in the United States of America. The deadline for entries is March 15th.


          The National High School Sports Publication Awards will:

·   recognize excellence in sports publications at the high school level

·   provide a set of criteria so that entries are judged on a level playing field (taking into consideration the type of school, number of students, etc.)

·   employ a staff of experienced judges – professionals in the areas of graphic design, coaching, and  athletic direction

·   complete the judging process and announce the winners by April 15, 2014


         Co-Founder Grace Criscuoli explained the reason for this competition, “All across our country, there are people supporting their high school athletic teams by putting together media kits and souvenir programs. They take the photos, write the copy, sell the ads, do the layout, and get the publication to the printer on time…then they are even called upon to sell their publication. They squeeze their budgets, they donate their time, and they try and turn a profit that their schools can use to offset expenses – all because they want to support their teams and their schools. Well, it’s time for these good works to be recognized and rewarded – and we have developed just the way to do it with the National High School Sports Publication Awards.”

         Criscuoli continued, “Probably the best thing about this awards program is that entrants will be competing with schools across the country – but only with those schools that match up with theirs in terms of the type of school, the size of the school, and who put together their publication. And this is not a yearbook competition – this awards program is specifically designed for sports publications.”

          Interested parties are encouraged to visit the NHSSPA website, for more information and to download an Entry Form.