National Foundation For Cancer Research “Beat Cancer With A Bat” Campaign

The National Foundation for Cancer Research is inviting softball and baseball teams around the country to “Beat Cancer with a Bat!” by designating one or more games this season to help fight cancer. Teams don’t need to add a new game to their schedule; they simply pick one game this season to designate as their “Beat Cancer with a Bat” game. Then, with the help of the National Foundation for Cancer Research, teams can make the game special by distributing cancer education materials, encouraging fans to wear a specific color or “Beat Cancer with a Bat” t-shirts, and fundraising through ticket sales, bake sales, raffles, auctions, or a variety of other means.  We will help to promote the games, design fliers or t-shirts, provide public education materials, and any other levels of support the team needs to get even more exposure in the community.

Each event will help promote cancer awareness by encouraging players and fans to distribute educational materials, collect donations, and donate proceeds to cancer research.

I have attached a copy of the “Beat Cancer with a Bat” Press Release, as well as our Manual which has more details.  Would you be able to post this press release on your website, and email this information out to your members?  Further information can be found online at the “Beat Cancer with a Bat” webpage,

Please feel free to contact Michael Xu directly or call Erin Stewart Chen, Director of Marketing & Communications at National Foundation for Cancer Research, at (301) 961-9116 or email her at Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!



P.S. Look for us in the first issue of Softball Magazine, coming soon!

Michael Xu

Marketing and Communications Intern

National Foundation for Cancer Research

College of Hospitality, Retail, & Sport Management

Carolina Coliseum Rm. 2012

Columbia, SC 29208

<Beat Cancer with a Bat Release.pdf>