North Carolina High School Athletic Association

National Athletic Training Month: Three LATs Share their #MyReasonWhy stories

Every year in March, the National Athletic Trainers' Association holds National Athletic Training Month, recognizing and raising awareness for the role of Licensed Athletic Trainers in a sport. Again this year, the NCHSAA is recognizing the contributions of LATs by interviewing a few LATs from across the state to find out their reasons for participating in high school athletics through athletic training for the NFHS's #MyReasonWhy campaign.

Corrinne Rosquillo, LAT at Wheatmore High School, Trinity, NC

#MyReasonWhy "If I'm being honest, I had no intention of being a secondary school athletic trainer when I graduated! I took the job because it was close to home and was full time, salaried, with benefits. I thought I would spend a year or two gaining experience and then move on to something "better," but was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it. I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be doing my dream job and getting paid for it! I go to work excited every day, and I'm never bored."

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John O'Keefe, LAT at Western Harnett High School, Lillington, NC

#MyReasonWhy "I really enjoy working with the sports medicine program students who may be unsure which medical career they want to pursue after high school. To be able to educate them on what the role of an athletic trainer is at each level. I also have the opportunity to know each student and athlete on an individual level through education on how and why we may have an athlete perform certain exercises. I also enjoy being able to work with the athletes and learn more about them personally and what their goals are while at secondary school and afterward."

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Jonathan Reidy, LAT at Atkins High School, Winston-Salem, NC

#MyReasonWhy "I believe secondary school athletic trainers have a great opportunity to impact their student-athletes in a positive way. We get to work with kids during a critical development period. We help them learn to overcome adversity through hard work. You also can't beat the feel of Friday Night Lights!"

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