North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Modeal Walsh

A native of Robbinsville, the late Modeal Walsh put together an outstanding career as an educator very involved in athletics right in his own hometown. A 1955 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Western Carolina, Walsh returned to Robbinsville High as a teacher in 1956 and spent over 35 years involved in education in Graham County. He was head football coach there from 1957 through '64 and eventually wound up as principal at Robbinsville. Walsh stayed in that capacity until 1969, when he became superintendent of Graham County school and served in that role for 24 years. Schools in his area showed their confidence in him as he served as president of the Smoky Mountain Conference for some 18 years. He was a very capable president of the NCHSAA in addition to serving two separate terms on the Board of Directors.