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Mock Car Crash – Corinth Holders High School | Johnston County Public Schools

Student safety is one of our top priorities, particularly during prom season. Recently, Johnston County Public Schools provided a mock car crash demonstration at Corinth Holders High School – JCPS (along with Smithfield Selma High School, North Johnston High School and South Johnston High School earlier in the week), and it was very impactful for students and staff.

The demonstration was performed by Corinth Holders High and JoCo Teen Drivers Club drama students under the direction of Ms. Nixon and Ms. Jones. The well-performed car crash demonstration included various simulations, such as an arrest, alcohol abuse, reckless behavior, vehicle extrication, and more. Following the event, several speakers stressed the importance of making sound decisions while gathering and having fun.

According to JCPS Athletic Director and event coordinator Josh Plisko and CHHS Principal Sarah Reynolds, the hope is that the event will encourage students to make sound decisions during the upcoming prom season and throughout life.

We want to express our appreciation for the many volunteers, sponsors, and organizations collaborating with us to provide this event, including school administrators and officials, the Governors Highway Safety Association, Johnston County EMS, local fire departments, NC Highway Patrol, local law enforcement, and JCPS Athletics. 

Thank you to Robin Koppen of Johnston County Public Schools for providing the story and pictures! 

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