North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Mike Brown

Mike Brown has an impressive coaching and administrative resume, but he has also made huge contributions to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association student services program. A graduate of Durham High and the University of North Carolina, Brown coached a number of sports at various schools, including High Point Central, Garinger, Durham, Sanford Central and New Hanover, including football, basketball and tennis. From 1977 to ’94, he served in the central office of the New Hanover County schools, primarily as the director of athletics, health and physical education along with student support services. He has been involved with the NCHSAA student services program since its inception, working as a facilitator/trainer. He helped organize the first state association Chemical Awareness Conferences in the early 1990’s. He has served on the NCHSAA Board of Directors, is a former president of the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association, and is a member of the AD’s Hall of Fame.