North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Meet This Fall’s NCHSAA Interns

       The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has been proud to run an intern program which features talented undergraduate and graduate students from colleges or universities for over 25 years. Many of the students who intern at the NCHSAA actually participated at NCHSAA member schools, and over these years interns have made tremendous contributions to serve our member schools.

      Here is a look at three students who are serving at the NCHSAA this fall:


Kalen Perry                                                                                                                                                                 

       Kalen Perry is a sophomore at North Carolina State University. She is originally from Carteret County, where she attended Croatan High School. While at Croatan, Kalen played basketball, volleyball and soccer.  By her senior year, Kalen earned the title of captain in all three sports, as well as obtaining All-Conference in all three and an All-Region award in soccer. Kalen now plays on the Club Volleyball team at NC State.

       Kalen’s hobbies include reading, spending time with family and friends and volunteering to better her community. Kalen’s career aspirations are to work for a nonprofit or NGO abroad and work her way up the ladder to become the Executive Director. She wants to make a positive impact on future generations through promoting education and sports.


Kyle Tom

       Kyle,  23 years old,  was born and raised in Durham, where he attended Riverside High School and lettered in football and lacrosse.  He is now a senior at North Carolina State, majoring in Sport Management with a minor in business.  His favorite sports teams are the Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Panthers, Duke and NC State, and  hobbies include golfing, following sports, and playing with his new dog Benjamin Buttons.  

       Kyle notes, "I have always had an interest and passion for athletics at all levels, which is why I chose to intern with the NCHSAA.  With this internship I am looking forward to learning more about sport administration and the everyday operations necessary to run an athletic association."


Andrea Hernandez

       Born and raised in Michigan, Andrea later moved to Atlanta, GA, and has spent the past 11 years there. She currently attends Kennesaw State University in the Atlanta area, where she is finishing her last semester obtaining a B.S. in Sports Management with a Fitness Management Concentration.  Her plans after graduation are to obtain a Masters in School Administration, with the goal one day of becoming an athletic director at a North Carolina middle school or high school.

       Andrea says, "North Carolina is a new adventure for me and I am so excited to begin this new chapter of life with such a profound opportunity to intern with NCHSAA.   What I hope to achieve most here at NCHSAA is understanding the effort it takes to run an effective business, and the behind the scenes work it takes to impact a community through sports. I am looking forward to growing and maturing as a professional with one of the best organizations out here."