Longtime Principal & AD in W-S, Stan Elrod, passes unexpectedly

Former R.J. Reynolds and Reagan High School Principal, Stan Elrod, passed away unexpectedly at his home on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Elrod spent 24 years at R.J. Reynolds in a career that ranged from teacher and coach, athletic director, assistant principal, and principal. In 2005, he was asked to be the first principal for Reagan High School when it opened, a role he served in until 2010. 

Eventually, Elrod stepped into the role of System Athletic Director for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. He was known for a lasting impact on students and staff, but particularly for his ability to hlep coaches and principals grow in their careers.

Never one to shy away from serving the community or schools, Elrod was in the midst of a run for the WSFCS School Board when he passed. He is a member of several Halls of Fame, including the R.J. Reynolds High, Reagan High, and Winston-Salem Sportsman Club. 

Elrod is survived by his wife Linda, children Angie Sams and Michael Elrod, as well as many grandchildren and siblings.