North Carolina High School Athletic Association

***Important Wrestling Information Regarding Postponements***

Attention Wrestling Coaches:

Due to all of the inclement weather, there have been multiple postponements and/or cancellations of practices or competitions in wrestling this week. We have had calls and concerns regarding the legality of getting a one (1) pound allowance due to postponements.

The NFHS wrestling rulebook covers this on page 17, Rule 4, Article 5. You are allowed a one (1) pound allowance for each consecutive day of competition or practice that you miss due to inclement weather, up to a maximum of 2 pounds. An example of this would be Team A missed practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and has a match on Thursday; Team A would receive a two (2) pound allowance, as would each team they are wrestling that day.

Please be careful when utilizing these pound allowances that your wrestlers abide by their weight loss plan in terms of losing back down to their scratch weights.

Thank You

NCHSAA Sports Department