North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Important Reminder — Athletes May Not Participate In Contact Football Camps

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has had a rule on the books for many years not permitting body-to-body contact for football players out of season or in summer camps.

The question has been raised again about athletes participating in football camps, of which there is a large variety. But whether the camps are in North Carolina or in some other state, NCHSAA athletes are prohibited from participating in football camps where there is contact.

No body-to-body contact is allowed from the end of the footbal season until the official beginning date of football practice for the next season. Those athletes who participate in a camp where there is body-to-body contact risk losing their athletic eligibility.

We want to call this to the attention of coaches, athetes and athletic directors across the state. This is not a change in a rule but just a reminder since the question has come to the NCHSAA office.