Home-Schooled Student Eligibility Checklist & Forms

Below you will find a document list and checklist outlining the required criteria.  This documentation is for internal use only, designed to verify eligibility for each individual home school student-athlete wishing to try out for a team.

Documentation needed to support this request to begin tryouts and archived at the member school:

  1. NCHSAA | Home-Schooled Student Eligibility Checklist
  2. birth certificate (age);
  3. home school academic transcript;
  4. attendance record to validate the student meets the LEA attendance standard for eligibility;
  5. copy of standardized testing information;
  6. current and up to date medical examination;
  7. a complete and signed copy of NCHSAA | Intent to Participate Form
  8. other documentation necessary to meet additional local eligibility standards, according to the LEA/school to which the student is assigned.

1.2.1 (b)   Home school students

(1)    Documentation from the Division of Non-Public Education must be presented upon initial dual enrollment-attendance, immunization, transcript, school number, etc.
(2)    Home school students must communicate athletic intent at a member school in which they are domiciled and follow the enrollment and assignment procedures/policies established by the local board of education

(i)     Notice to principal must take place at least ten (10) days prior to the first practice date of each sports season.