Grimsley football to host “Roll of Honor” game, remembering the 99 Grimsley students who died in WWII


GREENSBORO, NC – Originally known as Greensboro High School, Grimsley sits at the heart of Greensboro and is the oldest high school in the city. As the oldest school in the city, it is no surprise that plaques and trophy cases line the halls and walls of the school. What may be a surprise to some, is that Grimsley football steps out onto their field through one of the most unique rooms any high school in America is privileged to go through.

Grimsley’s field house, the Sigmund Selig Pearl Field House, was dedicated by the Pearl family to honor their son who died in World War II. The Pearl family wanted to be sure to honor the other 98 Greensboro High students who died fighting in World War II as well, and inside the walls of the field house, there is a Memorial Room featuring the “Roll of Honor” that recognizes the 99 students who fought and died in the Second World War.

“As a parent, to have a child that goes off to serve the country and comes back in a box with a flag is just something I cannot imagine,” said Grimsley Athletic Director Ethan Albright. “I think it is very unique for one high school to have sacrificed 99 of their students, of their classmates, to that cause.”

Each Friday night of the season, the Whirlies football team enters Jamieson Stadium through the Memorial Room. This Friday night, that entry will be just a bit more special than usual as the team hosts Southeast Guilford in the “Roll of Honor Game.”

During the Whirlies September 17th home game, the team will put on special jerseys, one jersey honoring each of the 99 on the Roll of Honor with their last name across the name plate on the back. The public address announcer will read the names of each of the 99 fallen along with their age and what battle they fought and died in.

“We are educational athletics,” added Albright, “and we hope that there are at least a few students that walk through this room on Friday nights that take the time to understand what this [Memorial] room represents, the sacrifice that these soldiers and heroes made that allows us to go and play a game on Friday nights.”

The Roll of Honor Game kicks off at 7:30 p.m. as Grimsley hosts Southeast Guilford. Pre-game ceremonies and announcements are expected to begin around 6:45 p.m.