North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Conduct at Games and Code of Sportsmanship

CONDUCT AT GAMES: The Board of Directors has the power to penalize the school and its officials, the coach, and the individual players in case sportsmanship is not observed. The penalty is to be decided according to the seriousness of the incidents involved.

Police protection: A law enforcement officer in uniform shall be present at all high school varsity football and basketball games and is recommended for soccer and baseball games, with member schools using their own best judgment as to when and if police are needed in that sport. School management is required to provide escort for officials off the field when law enforcement is not there; and the NCHSAA has the authority to require schools to provide law enforcement officer in uniform at games where it deems necessary.

Code of sportsmanship: It is recognized that public school interscholastic athletic events should be conducted in such a manner that good sportsmanship prevails at all times.  It is therefore necessary that superintendents,principals and coaches be individually and collectively responsible for taking every possible step to provide the physical arrangements necessary to conduct such events and to promote good sportsmanship at every athletic event. These steps should include the provision of such things as safe and adequate facilities for participants, spectators, and officials; the best possible officials for the events; and adequate control of spectators, players, and pre-game and post-game activities. Every effort should be made to promote a climate of wholesome competition.

When a situation develops which indicates negligence on the part of school personnel to provide conditions which meet minimum standards for the conduct of an athletic event, or when there is evidence of poor sportsmanship, the superintendent and principal of each school involved shall be expected to investigate and take necessary corrective action. When the school or schools involved fail to take adequate action, the Association will investigate the situation and take the action it deems appropriate. The State Advisory Committee will review all reports of negligence or poor sportsmanship and will recommend additional penalty to the State Superintendent when such penalty is deemed necessary.


Sportsmanship Statement from Handbook