North Carolina High School Athletic Association


a quick question concerning rules, regulations and policies of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association


Q: Our school has been fined for a violation, and we plan to pay it in the next few months. Are there any problems with that?

A: There certainly could be, keeping that school’s teams out of NCHSAA playoff completion. Rule 3.2.2 in the current edition of the NCHSAA says that “schools that have unpaid fines to the NCHSAA are not able to compete in the playoffs in that sport (i.e., baseball fine would be specific to baseball playoffs unless the fine is paid two days prior to the reporting deadline for that sport.”  A fine not paid at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) will carry over to the following school year, making all teams at said school ineligible for playoffs until the fine is paid in full.