North Carolina High School Athletic Association


a quick question concerning rules, regulations and policies of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association


Q: We have just hired a new coach at our high school. What is the deadline for her to take the required “Fundamentals of Coaching” course to be able to coach her sport?

A: Rule 2.2.7 in the current edition of the NCHSAA Handbook describes coaching requirements. The (a) section of this rule goes on to state that “each newly hired head coach is required to take the “Fundamentals of Coaching” certification course online through the NFHS prior to the first play date of the sport he or she coaches, in order to coach an NCHSAA team.” In addition, all coaches must also take the NFHS “Concussions: What You Need To Know” course or an equivalent concussion curriculum prior to the first date of competition in their sport.