Celebrating Black History Month: Barbara Foxx

During the month of February, in honor of Black History Month, the NCHSAA website will feature information about African-Americans who have made major contributions to the great tradition of high school sports in our state. We hope you find these both entertaining and informative. We thank former Associate Commissioner, Rick Struck, for his contributions of research to make this series possible.

Barbara Foxx

Coach Barbara A. Foxx is a Lee County native, but she changed the lives of countless young women in Moore County.  After graduating from Campbell University she began her career at Pinecrest High School in 1978, Foxx coached volleyball, basketball and softball, spending her entire 39-year career at the school.  In years that saw many changes in women's athletics, Foxx remained a constant, expecting her athletes to be prepared and in top physical condition.  A skilled athlete herself -participating in karate and softball- she never believed that winning was the only thing that determined success.  The values she taught and the respect she earned made an undeniable impression on the young women whose lives she touched. 

Recognized by her peers, she was named to the "100 to Remember" list of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association in 2013.  She accumulated 726 volleyball victories in the 39- year career, winning the state championship twice, once in 1988 and with an undefeated season in 1992.  Barbara Foxx is a Pinecrest Patriot legend and an icon in the fields of coaching, teaching and changing lives.

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