North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Calculating State Cup Points

To calculate State Cup points, use the following information:

Participation Points: Each school earns 5 points for each varsity team fielded according to the eligibility summary as submitted to the NCHSAA.

State Tournament/Championship Points: Points for finishing in the top 8 (plus ties) for any sanctioned NCHSAA sports championship. These points are specific to your classification. In a multiple classification championship, such as swimming in 1A/2A, points are awarded for the top 8 1A schools and the top 8 2A schools in a particular championship. For tennis and wrestling, only count Dual Team Tournament Championship advancement points. In football, award the full 8 positions for each subdivision.

It is important to note that State Cup points are determined totally separately from Conference Cup points. Conference Cup points are determined at the discretion of the Conference membership. The Conference Cup standings or point totals play no role in the State Cup point system. 

General Point Distribution
First – 50 points
Second – 45 points
Third – 40 points
Fourth – 35 points
Fifth – 30 points
Sixth – 25 points
Seventh – 20 points
Eighth – 15 points

When a tie exists for any position in the top eight, add the point values for all tied positions and divide by the number of teams involved in the tie, awarding points equally to all tied teams. For example, if there is a three-way tie for fifth in a given classification at the Women's Golf Championship, add 30 points to 25 points and 20 points, dividing by the number of tied teams (3) to determine that 25 points will be awarded to each team. 

Point Distribution in bracketed sports with a single classification
First – 50 points
Second – 45 points
Tied for Third – 37.5 points (Semifinalists)
Tied for Fifth – 22.5 points (Quarterfinalits)
In a bracketed sport with multiple classifications of schools represented in the same field, the points are awarded to the top eight finishers and ties from EACH classification. For example, in Men's Lacrosse where there is a 1A/2A/3A Playoff Bracket each year, the points are awarded to the Top 8 finishing 3A Schools, the Top 8 finishing 2A schools and the Top 8 finishing 1A Schools participating in the State Playoff. Advancement to the same round within the tournament determines the number of ties and points awarded within each classification. If a 3A and 2A school meet in the State Championship Match, both schools will be awarded 50 State Cup points for advancement further than all other teams in their classification, regardless of the outcome of the match.