North Carolina High School Athletic Association

ASSOCIATION SPOTLIGHT: Student Services Programs Have Important Goals

            The Student Services division of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association provides some unique offerings for NCHSAA member schools.

            The NCHSAA student services program was one of the first in the nation and has been a model for other state associations.

The five goals of the program include:

     Prepare student-athletes and coaches as mentors, role models and leaders

     Offer prevention training in alcohol, tobacco and drug resistance, academic failure, and teen pregnancy to students and adults

     Support the improvement of student-athlete performance in academic achievement, school attendance, graduation rates, and peer relationships

     Teach positive values, respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship to student-athletes and adults associated with athletic programs

     Expand the overall program by serving student-athletes and adults with effective training programs


     There are a number of programs in Student Services designed to help achieve those goals. From the Student Athlete Summer Institutes at sites throughout the state, to Coach-Captain retreats where teams of student-athlete, coaches and parent volunteers come together to address issues and develop action plans specific for their school, to coaches education opportunities–all of these enhance the experience of student-athletes and coaches at the over 400 NCHSAA member schools.

    More information, including information about specific programs, is available elsewhere on this web site by clicking on the Student Services link at the top of the home page.