Association Spotlight: Black History Month


One of the well known schools which was a member of the old North Carolina High School Athletic Conference was Ridgeview High School of Hickory.

Ridgeview established a great athletic tradition. At one point, the program recorded 74 consecutive regular season victories in NCHSAC play, from 1957 through the ’65 season, and over one two-season span recorded an incredible 14 consecutive shutouts. The Hickory school won NCHSAC state championships in 1962 and ’64 to go with a 1950 title and was in the finals another three times.

Ridgeview also won four NCHSAC men’s basketball championships in its classification from 1948 through ’51, so the school certainly had a number of outstanding athletes and coaches.

Ridgeview High School— part of the tradition of high school sports in our state and the old NCHSAC.