AD’s DragonFly Start-up Task List

The DragonFly Academy Course Section for ADs is linked in this checklist for detailed instructions on each step.

Watch the NCHSAA DragonFly Instructional Session from August 4, 2022 here.


  1. Sign-Up Phase
    • Sign yourself up, connect to your school. 
    • Ensure your administrators (Principal, APs, Financial Contacts, etc.) have accounts and the appropriate level of access for your system.
    • Ensure your coaching staff members all have an account and are connected to the appropriate teams
      • Be careful in assigning user permissions and user roles. 
      • Be sure to mark Head Coaches with the Head Coach User Role.
      • DragonFly Administrator role should be reserved for those individuals you trust to input game schedules, approve new users, and assign user roles & permissions.
  2.  Set Up Your School and Teams
    • Complete all information in the “Set Up School” Tab of your Schools & People Page
    • Each school has teams listed in each NCHSAA Sanctioned Sport for Varsity, JV, Freshman, 8thGrade, and 7th Grade. Please remove the teams from your “Set Up Teams” list that your school will not offer in 2022-2023.
      • If you need to add a team at a later date, it is easy to add a team back to your set up.
    • Complete the “Public Directory” in your Schools & People Page. Once an administrator or coach has joined your organization, begin typing their name in the appropriate blanks on your Public Directory and click on their profile to connect their appropriate contact information.
      • Note: Public Directory is available through; Unless a user is signed into that page with their DragonFly Account that includes Administrative or Coaching Permissions, only names are viewable on the public facing directory. Users who are logged in will see phone numbers/email addresses for listed personnel, if available.
  3. Set Up Your Requirements
    • If you are using the system for athlete eligibility or your district has additional requirements for coaches, follow the instructions in this demo to set up additional requirements for your school.
      • Note: State requirements are already displayed in your school’s profile.
  4. Games & Events Scheduling
    • The NCHSAA is requiring school to enter their athletic schedules for their home athletic contests. 
    • If your school is playing a non-member school at their home site, you will want to make sure that the game is listed in DragonFly for reporting purposes.
      • Note: DragonFly is syncing with MaxPreps regularly for schedules and scores. If you notice a problem with your scheduled events not displaying on MaxPreps properly, please let the NCHSAA/DragonFly know.
    • DragonFly is automatically updating links for the NFHS Network, GoFan, and MaxPreps as well as several other commonly used partners. The goal is for AD’s to enter their schedule and results in one place, DragonFly, and that cover the various other partner sites.
  5. Coaches Eligibility – Have your coaches each set up their profiles, including uploading their NFHS Learn Certificates, CPR Certifications, etc.
    • To manage and view your coaches eligibility data, be sure each coach has the appropriate User Role/User Permissions. 
    • Head Coaches MUST be marked as Head Coaches in their user profile to have the option to see whether they have completed the annual rules clinic requirement. 


OTHER ITEMS – Please know that these tools are available through DragonFly and you may use them if you choose, however, the NCHSAA has no requirement to use DragonFly for student eligibility, medical clearances, and officials payments. These tools are available as resources to you, but are not required by the NCHSAA.


  1. Student Eligibility Management
    • DragonFly can help you organize, manage, and review student-athlete eligibility including uploading and storage of physical forms, medical histories, concussion forms, etc.
  2. Paying Officials and Workers through DragonFly
    • DragonFly can help you streamline your payment of officials and game workers.
      • Note: There is a fee to pay individuals through DragonFly. Each payment is $2 per transaction. 
      • For Example: If you are paying two officials for a volleyball match, varsity and JV doubleheader, you will pay the officials the amount due by Handbook Policy and, if using the DragonFly pay system, your school will be charged $2 per official, per sport, per date. 
        • If the varsity game is on a separate date in the same sport, even if you use the same officials, those payments will also incur a $2 per official, per sport, per date charge.)
    • Request a Financial Demo – If you bookkeepers or financial personnel have questions about how DragonFly works as a payment platform, please request a financial demo through DragonFly.