2022 NCHSAA Women’s Wrestling Invitational Final Round Results

GREENSBORO, NC – The NCHSAA, in conjunction with the North Carolina Chapter of USA Wrestling, held the fourth annual Women’s Wrestling Invitational at the Rise Indoor Sports Complex. The event featured 12 weight classes and medalist were determined with the Championship Finals and Consolation Finals at the Greensboro Coliseum Fieldhouse


Early Round Results


2022 NCHSAA Women’s Wrestling Invitational

100 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Lily Prendergast of South Brunswick

2nd Place – Jeulenea Khang of Freedom

3rd Place – Anna Ockerman of Corinth Holders

4th Place – Omarzria Wright of West Caldwell

1st Place Match

Lily Prendergast (South Brunswick, 38-5) over Jeulenea Khang (Freedom, 35-7) (Dec 2-0)

3rd Place Match

Anna Ockerman (Corinth Holders, 20-2) over Omarzria Wright (West Caldwell, 25-21) (Dec 8-1)



107 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Aynsley Fink of Robbinsville

2nd Place – Morgan Repasky of McDowell

3rd Place – Megan Rowland of Pinecrest

4th Place – Glennin Hansen of North Henderson

1st Place Match

Aynsley Fink (Robbinsville, 37-11) over Morgan Repasky (McDowell, 24-12) (Fall 1:41)

3rd Place Match

Megan Rowland (Pinecrest, 23-9) over Glennin Hansen (North Henderson, 20-7, Sr.) (Fall 0:44)


114 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Hope Horan of Mt Airy

2nd Place – Jazmin Palma of Uwharrie Charter Academy

3rd Place – Leah Edwards of East Rowan

4th Place – Anabel Rodriguez of Dixon

1st Place Match

Hope Horan (Mt. Airy, 18-8) over Jazmin Palma (Uwharrie Charter, 12-3) (MD 11-3)

3rd Place Match

Leah Edwards (East Rowan, 33-8) over Anabel Rodriguez (Dixon, 14-10) (MD 11-0)


120 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Isabel Rodriguez of Dixon

2nd Place – Kamilah Brooks of Manteo

3rd Place – Ayonna McNeill of Westover

4th Place – Ferrell Ava of Cox Mill

1st Place Match

Isabel Rodriguez (Dixon, 17-9) over Kamilah Brooks (Manteo, 21-20) (Fall 3:28)

3rd Place Match

Ayonna McNeill (Westover, 13-8) over Ferrell Ava (Cox Mill, 10-8) (Fall 4:30)


126 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Brooke Zak of Currituck County

2nd Place – Jewel Arrowsmith of Pine Forest

3rd Place – Mickey Allen of West Henderson

4th Place – Kahlen Kuddie of A.L. Brown

1st Place Match

Brooke Zak (Currituck County, 8-0) over Jewel Arrowsmith (Pine Forest, 10-12) (Fall 4:51)

3rd Place Match

Mickey Allen (West Henderson, 18-9) over Kahlen Kuddie (A.L. Brown, 16-19) (Fall 1:50)


132 Lbs. Divison


1st Place – Angelica Steffy of Croatan

2nd Place – Natalie Titus of Havelock

3rd Place – Brianna DeLeon of Weddington

4th Place – Kenley Riley of West Carteret

1st Place Match

Angelica Steffy (Croatan, 16-14) over Natalie Titus (Havelock, 11-4) (Dec 8-5)

3rd Place Match

Brianna DeLeon (Weddington, 19-1) over Kenley Riley (West Carteret, 11-5) (MD 8-0)


138 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Eva Keefauver of East Henderson

2nd Place – Alysha Earley of Alexander Central

3rd Place – Gabby Akers of South Davidson

4th Place – Mara Cavazos of Bunn

1st Place Match

Eva Keefauver (East Henderson, 14-0) over Alysha Earley (Alexander Central, 6-1) (Fall 1:47)

3rd Place Match

Gabby Akers (South Davidson, 19-14) over Mara Cavazos (Bunn, 9-7) (Fall 0:57)


145 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Susannah Piatek of Cleveland

2nd Place – Sumaiya Aamoud of Jack Britt

3rd Place – Jamira Jackson of Montgomery Central

4th Place – Sarem Desalegn of Mallard Creek

1st Place Match

Susannah Piatek (Cleveland, 9-3) over Sumaiya Aamoud (Jack Britt, 11-8) (TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0))

3rd Place Match

Jamira Jackson (Montgomery Central, 11-8) over Sarem Desalegn (Mallard Creek, 11-9) (Fall 1:47)


152 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Caleigh Suddreth of Lake Norman

2nd Place – Sophia Ozanich of Jack Britt

3rd Place – Reilyn Swift of Swansboro

4th Place – Autumn Motes of North Henderson

1st Place Match

Caleigh Suddreth (Lake Norman, 32-18) over Sophia Ozanich (Jack Britt, 8-4) (Fall 0:57)

3rd Place Match

Reilyn Swift (Swansboro, 6-4) over Autumn Motes (North Henderson, 10-11) (Fall 2:26)


165 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Savannah Bramhall of Parkwood

2nd Place – Laura Thompson of Cleveland

3rd Place – Tatiana Encinas of West Henderson

4th Place – Franshesca Morales of North Henderson

1st Place Match

Savannah Bramhall (Parkwood, 25-0) over Laura Thompson (Cleveland, 7-2) (Fall 4:25)

3rd Place Match

Tatiana Encinas (West Henderson, 12-3) over Franshesca Morales (North Henderson, 11-11) (Fall 2:22)


185 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Ella Beam of Burns

2nd Place – Elaina Pollock of Laney

3rd Place – Cynthia Smith of Hickory Ridge

4th Place – Emma Warren of Enka

1st Place Match

Ella Beam (Burns, 10-9) over Elaina Pollock (Laney, 6-1) (Fall 4:53)

3rd Place Match

Cynthia Smith (Hickory Ridge, 15-7) over Emma Warren (Enka, 6-4) (Fall 2:01)


235 Lbs. Division


1st Place – Khalila Corry of Mallard Creek

2nd Place – Jocelyn Paredes of West Wilkes

3rd Place – Saige Cook of Burns

4th Place – Natalie Douglas of Lake Norman

1st Place Match

Khalila Corry (Mallard Creek, 19-1) over Jocelyn Paredes (West Wilkes, 5-8) (Dec 3-0)

3rd Place Match

Saige Cook (Burns, 8-5) over Natalie Douglas (Lake Norman, 18-7) (TB-1 7-5)