2020-2021 LiveSaver Citations to be presented to trainers from Pinecrest & Atkins

The LifeSaver Citation was created to recognize Licensed Athletic Trainers and others in the field of emergency and sports medicine who demonstrate excellence and preparedness during the most crucial moments of an emergency. The actions of these individuals have literally saved lives during the course of their duties. This year’s LifeSaver Citations go to Head Athletic Trainer at Pinecrest, Frank Sanchez, Assistant Athletic Trainer at Pinecrest, Morgan Krout, and Head Athletic Trainer from Atkins, Katie Romano.

We are so grateful that because of the preparation and quick action of these coaches and Athletic Trainers, we are able to still enjoy the lives and contributions of these two young student-athletes. These awards will be presented to these individuals in person on July 19th at the NC Coaches Clinic Athletic Training Session in the afternoon.

Frank Sanchez (LAT) and Morgan Krout (Assistant LAT) – Pinecrest High School

Head Athletic Trainer at Pinecrest High School, Frank Sanchez, and Assistant Athletic Trainer, Morgan Krout, from Pinecrest, were the first ones on the scene when Jack Britt Cross Country runner Juliette Suh collapsed just yards from the finish line at an early season cross country meet in Moore County. Sanchez and Krout went to work, performing CPR and applying an AED, activating the EMS system and fortunately, thanks to their preparedness and action, Juliette Suh has made a full recovery and is still with us today. In addition to the Life Saver Citation for Sanchez and Krout, the NCHSAA recognizes the contributions of Coach Bob Curtin from Pinecrest with a LifeSaver Certificate.

Katie Romano (LAT) – Atkins High School

Romano responded to a medical emergency during men’s soccer practice at Atkins when Pablo Hortal collapsed while jogging during warmups. Romano sprinted from the Athletic Training Room to the baseball field, where she found JV Head Coach Dylan Collier doing chest compressions. The two worked together, applying the AED and delivered defibrillation, continued CPR until EMS arrived and were able to find a pulse. After a stay in Brenner Children's Hospital and a procedure to continually monitor his heart, Pablo has made a full recovery and is back doing the things he loves. In addition to the Life Saver Citation for Romano, the Association recognizes Coach Dylan Collier with a Life Saver Certificate.