North Carolina High School Athletic Association

2019 WLAX Championship: Cardinal Gibbons wins fourth straight with 17-10 victory over Charlotte Catholic

CARY, NC – Cardinal Gibbons won the program’s fourth straight NCHSAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship, defeating Charlotte Catholic 17-10 in a rematch of last year’s Women’s title game. Game MVP Caroline Kimel led the way for the Crusaders with three goals and five assists.

Cardinal Gibbons dominated the second half, outscoring the Cougars 11-4, thanks to four goals from junior Bailey Mutch. Two of Mutch’s back to back goals came during a 3-0 Crusaders run late in the second half. Catherine field added two goals within the half, while Caroline Mullahy, Grace New, Tara Dorsett, and Ali Rodgers added one goal each.

Catholic struggled to mount many offensive possessions in the second half, but were fairly successful when they did reach the attacking end. The Cougars received two goals from Caleigh Brady, and one goal each from Kaitlin Coleman and Kylie Skovira.

Kylie Skovira of Charlotte Catholic grabbed the first goal of the afternoon after 40 seconds of play, giving the Cougars an early 1-0 lead over the Crusaders. The Cougars lead was short lived as Cardinal Gibbons responded within minutes due to a free position goal by Ella Reaves Vaughan of the Crusaders.

The first half remained back and forth with MVP Caroline Kimel scoring two within the half and Ella Reaves Vaughan, Caroline Mullahy, and Catherine Field all scoring one goal each for Cardinal Gibbons. On the Charlotte Catholic side, Katherine Coleman ripped in two goals and Caleigh Brady, Kylie Skovira, and Meghan Lowe all pitched in with one goal each for the Cougars. The teams headed into the locker room with the score tied 6-6 at halftime.

Charlotte Catholic finished 17-5 on the year. The Cougars had a 4-1 record in conference play and made it to the State Championship Match for the fifth time in program in history.

Cardinal Gibbons completed the season with an 18-3 record, while staying undefeated in conference play, 10-0. The Crusaders claimed their fourth consecutive and all-time NCHSAA State Championship.

*NCHSAA Intern Logan Carter contributed to this report

First Half
24:19:00 – CC goal by #5 Kylie Skovira, Un-Assisted (CCC 1-0)
21:50 – CG goal by #9 Ella Reaves Vaughan on a free position shot (Tied 1-1)
21:14 – CC goal by #14 Caleigh Brady, Un-Assisted (CCC 2-1)
18:33 – CG goal by #9 Ella Reaves Vaughan, Un-Assisted (Tied 2-2)
14:58 – CC goal by #1 Kaitlin Coleman, free position goal (CCC 3-2)
11:30 – CG goal by #8 Caroline Kimel assisted by #11 Grace New (Tied 3-3)
10:46 – CC goal by #5 Kylie Skovira, Un-Assisted (CCC 4-3)
10:05 – CC goal by #13 Meghan Lowe assisted by #5 Kylie Skovira (CCC 5-3)
4:10 – CG goal by #8 Caroline Kimel , Un- Assisted (CCC 5-4)
3:52 – CG goal  by #1 Caroline Mullahy assisted by #8 Caroline Kimel (Tied 5-5)
2:29 – CC goal by #1 Kaitlin Coleman, free position goal (CCC 6-5)
1:14 – CG goal #18 Catherine Field, Un-Assisted (Tied 6-6)
Second Half
22:39 – CG goal by #12 Bailey Mutch assisted by #8 Caroline Kimel (CGC 7-6)
22:02 – CG goal by #8 Caroline Kimel , Un-Assisted (CGC 8-6)
21:31 – CG goal by #1 Caroline Mullahy assisted by #12 Bailey Mutch (CGC 9-6)
21:07 – CC goal by #14 Caleigh Brady, Un-Assisted (CGC 9-7)
18:53 – CG goal by #18 Catherine Field assisted by #8 Caroline Kimel (CGC 10-7)
16:54 – CG goal by #12 Bailey Mutch, Un-Assisted (CGC 11-7)
14:56 – CG goal by #12 Bailey Mutch, Un-Assisted (CGC 12-7)
14:10 – CC goal by #1 Kaitlin Coleman, free position goal (CGC 12-8)
11:54 – CG goal by #12 Bailey Mutch, Un-Assisted (CGC 13-8)
9:52 – CG goal by #11 Grace New assisted by #8 Caroline Kimel (CGC 14-8)
7:57 – CG goal by #18 Catherine field, Un-Assisted (CGC 15-8)
5:29 – CC goal by #5 Kylie Skovira, Un-Assisted (CGC 15-9
5:03 – CG goal by #14 Tara Dorsett assisted by #8 Caroline Kimel (CGC 16-9)
2:27 CC goal by #14 Caleigh Brady, Un-Assisted (CGC 16-10)
1:35 – CG goal by #16 Ali Rodgers assisted by Caroline Mullahy (17-10)