The NCHSAA participates in the voluntary NFHS Official High School Licensing Program managed through K12 Licensing, formerly known as LRG (Licensing Resource Group). This national high school licensing initiative launched in the 2011-12 school year. 

The purpose of the initiative it to protect schools' rights relative to use of their school logo and name on merchandise sold in retail outlets, thereby providing an alternative revenue source  to the schools. For decades, stores have produced and sold high school branded gear and apparel with no revenues shared with the schools.

Between 2011-12, and 2015-16, participating high schools have recognized $125,012.86 in revenues through the initiative. Royalties from 2016-17 remain pending.

To learn more about the high school licensing initiative, visit the official NFHS site or contact Jared Harding, General Manager, at 317-669-0809.

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