Insurance Information

NCHSAA Student-Athlete Catastrophic Insurance Program

Below is information summarizing the NCHSAA’s Student-Athlete Catastrophic Accident insurance program.  This policy is purchased using the $3.75 fee per student-athlete paid by each high school. 

Claims or Coverage Questions:

Contact the agency for the NCHSAA, Senn Dunn Insurance, a Marsh & McLennan Agency:

W. Russell James, Consultant at 919-719-9582 or

Arlene Nunn, Account Manager at 919-719-9588 or


Coverage Highlights

  • 12-month policy
  • Catastrophic Insurance provides coverage from $ 25,000 paid medical expenses up to $5 million
  • Who is covered – All interscholastic High School student-athletes, student managers, student trainers, student cheerleaders and student participants and coaches at Covered Activities.
  • Covered Activities – Covered Activity means an interscholastic competition that is authorized, sanctioned or scheduled by the Policyholder or by the state high school athletics authority, including school supervised practice, game related activity and related travel. 
  • Travel means team or group travel arranged and supervised by the school to or from any Covered Activity.
  • Insurance includes coverage for fighting injuries to the NON-AGGRESSOR insured.
  • This coverage is paid in excess of benefits paid by other insurance.  Our accident insurance carrier coordinates the claim adjustment process with any underlying carrier.
  • Report any potential Catastrophic claim to Russell James at Senn Dunn Insurance (contact info above).
  • Please see the claim form below if you need to file a claim. 
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to fill out the claim form completely.
  • A claim form must be signed by a school official.
  • The Master Policy has been provided to the NCHSAA that contains all of the provisions, limitations, exclusions, and qualifications of your insurance benefits.  The Master Policy is the contract and will govern and control the payment of benefits. 

Student Accident Insurance

In NC High School Athletics, decisions about student-athlete accident coverage from $0 - $25,000 are made by the individual school district/county. The NCHSAA does not purchase coverage for injuries until an accident claim reaches $25,000.

If you have questions about this type of coverage or any information related to Student Accident Insurance, please contact your school/school district, or you may contact representatives of McGriff Insurance Services.

Contact: Dan Nunnery, Agency Executive
Email: | Phone: 864-855-0970