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BASEBALL Championship Info: All Series Passes on sale now through June 2 until 11:59pm for $20.00 + service fee. Friday Morning, any unsold tickets will be made available as Friday Only ($8.00 + service fee) and Saturday Only ($12.00 + service fee) tickets.

SOFTBALL Championship Info: All-Series Pass tickets for the 4A Championship Series at Duke Softball Stadium are now available. All session passes are being sold by participating schools at their discretion in the 1A, 2A, and 3A Championship Series. If tickets remain, on the morning of Friday, June 3, Friday-Only and Saturday-Only tickets will be made available to the general public. Friday Only ticket - $8.00 + service fee; Saturday Only ticket - $10.00 + service fee.

WOMEN'S SOCCER Champoionship tickets are now on sale for $10.00 + service fee.

Age 5 and under = FREE OF CHARGE.


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NOTE: The NCHSAA office does NOT regulate ticket sales in any manner, including the use of digital ticketing, at the regular season events and does not require that member schools use any particular digital tcketing vendor. Concerns should be directed to your school if you have questions related to regular season ticket sales.

The NCHSAA does use digital ticketing for playoff and state final events hosted at neutral sites and the vendor used is Go Fan. Schools may utilize digital ticketing at regional events that they host at their respective school. Please note that similar to other sporting and entertainment events using online ticket sales, a nominal service fee may be charged by the vendor in addition to the ticket cost.