NCADA Hall of Fame

NCADA Conference March 2013 PowerPoint

To learn more about the individuals in each class, click on the "Class of" title. 

Charter Class – 1995

Charlie Adams
Dave Harris
Norman Harbin
Richard Glenn "Bud" Phillips
Russell Evans "Russ" Blunt
Anthony James "Tony" Simeon

Class of 1996

Willie Bradshaw
Mike Brown
Homer Thompson
Leon Brogden
Jack Groce
Marvin "Red" Hoffman 

Class of 1997

Everett L. "Shu" Carlton
Bill Eutsler
Gilbert Ferrell
Thell Overman
Ruth R. Pool

Class of 1998

Jim Blake
Wat Holyfield
Carroll King
Benny Pearce
Jerry McGee
Dudley Whitley

Class of 1999

Dave Johnson
Glenn R. Nixon
Robert R. Sawyer
George Whitfield

Class of 2000

Don R. Patrick
William J. Carver, Jr.
Simon Terrell

Class of 2001

Carl Bolick
Herman Bryson
Chip Gill
Ed Peeler

Class of 2002

Dick Knox
Jack Musten
Don Saine
Sue Shinn