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NCHSAA Education-Based Grant Program & Other Opportunities

The mission of the NCHSAA is to provide governance and leadership for interscholastic athletic programs in North Carolina that support and enrich the educational experience of students.

NCHSAA Education-Based Grant Program

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  • September 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022 =  Application open
  • March 15, 2023 =  Grant recipients will be selected
  • March 31, 2023 = Notifications to all applicants regarding their status 
  • April 30, 2023 = Grant funds will be dispersed to schools with the evaluation report

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NCHSAA Education-Based Grant Program

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NCHSAA Education-Based Grant Program

    The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Education-based Grant Program was created to support member schools by providing funding to enhance student-athlete’s physical wellness, psychosocial well-being, mental wellness, and life-skill development.  School administrators will identify an unmet need facing student-athletes and/or coaches/school administrators in their school that relates to one of the following:

    Unmet Needs Categories:​​ 

    • Student Services Program Supplementation
      • Sportsmanship Initiatives
      • Character Development
      • Career Exploration and Post-Graduation Preparation
    • Coaches' & Athletic Administrators' Education
      • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion
      • NFHS Learn or NIAAA Courses, Training and Clinics
    • Health, Safety, and Wellness Initiatives
      • Physical Wellness
      • Social and Emotional Learning (Mental Wellness Initiative)
      • Cultivating Healthy Relationships
    • Small Equipment
      • Examples-Uniforms, Game Balls, Weight Room Equipment, AEDs, Wet Bulb Globe Temperature devises


    Proposal Selection

    The selection committee will be made up of representatives from regions across the state and include retired school administrations, current City/County Athletic Directors, and current NCHSAA Staff.
    Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate the largest need and number of student-athletes impacted.  

    Schools that are awarded a grant are eligible to receive a grant the following year if one of the following conditions apply: 

    • Grant application has been submitted for a different area of focus. 
    • If a school applies for a grant under the same area of focus, the application must detail how it will expound upon previous program



    Funding will come solely from interest earned on investments made through Association-driven funding mechanism.
    *** New for this year*** Grants will be limited to a maximum award amount of $10,000.00 each. Available grant funds may vary year-to-year based on market volatility and interest returns.
    Individual grants awarded to member schools will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and pending that all application criteria have been met.
    Grant amounts will be decided by assessing the following:

    • Estimated cost for program or initiative
    • Current funds in place
    • Other sources of funding
    • Evidence of a concerted effort to acquire funds

    Funds may NOT be used to support any of the following:

    • Political activities or attempts to influence legislation
    • Salaries or supplemental income
    • Any activities that serve for personal gain of an individual
    • Ancillary activities such as programs, advertising or special events not related to the purpose(s) of the NCHSAA Mission and Core Values.


    Program Evaluation and Measurement - Access to on-line Evaluation Form

    Upon grant fund distribution, schools will also receive an evaluation report.
    After the program or initiative has been activated, a detailed report updating the fund usage, the number of student-athletes impacted, and future expansion on the area of focus will be required to be considered for any future funding.