Fundraising and Grant Opportunities

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Grant Program 

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Grant Program is designed to support its member schools by providing funding to enhance student-athletes' physical wellness, psychosocial well-being, mental health, and life-skill development.  School administrators will identify an unmet need facing student-athletes in their school that relates to one of the following:

  • Student Services Program Supplementation
    • Sportsmanship Initiatives
    • Character Development
    • Career Exploration and Post-Graduation Preparation
  • Coaches Education
    • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion
    • Additional Training and Clinics
  • Health and Wellness Initiatives
    • Physical Wellness
    • Social and Emotional Learning (Mental Health Initiative)
    • Cultivating Healthy Relationships
  • Equipment and Maintenance
    • Equipment and facility upgrades 

Who can apply? Any staff member from an NCHSAA Member School may serve as the grant coordinator.  The application will require sections to be completed by the Athletic Director and Principal.

What can the funding be used for?  Funding may be used for any unmet needs facing the student-athletes in their school that relate to one of the categories mentioned above.

Funds may NOT be used to support any of the following:

  1. Political activities or attempts to influence legislation
  2. Salaries or supplemental income
  3. Any activities that serve for personal gain of an individual
  4. Ancillary activities such as programs, advertising or special events not related to the purpose(s) of the NCHSAA Mission and Core Values

When are applications due?  Applications open on September 1, 2020, and schools may submit material up until the deadline of November 30, 2020. Late submissions will not be considered.

Where can the application be found?  Schools will submit applications via an online application.  Simply click on "Apply Now" at the top and you will be redirected to the application. 

How much funding can I apply for?  Individual grants awarded to member schools will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with priority being placed on need and number of student-athletes impacted.


Outside Fundraising and Grant Opportunities 

For more information regarding eligibility, deadlines, and applications, visit the links provided:

Burroughs Wellcome's The PRISM Award

Lowe's Toolbox for Education

MLB's Baseball Tomorrow Fund

NFL Foundation Grants

USA Football Heads Up Coaching Certification

The NCHSAA has one-time funding available for schools when coaches complete the certification program entitled "Heads Up Football".  The Process:

  • Submit up to 5-course completion certificates (mandatory that 1 of 5 is the head coach) to Tra Waters.

  • Once course completion certificates have been received, the NCHSAA will send a reimbursement check for $125.00 to the athletic director at the school at the end of that fiscal month.

US Soccer Foundation