2022-2023 Media Outlet Credential Application Form

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Submissions for this form are closed.

This application is for media outlets to submit information on the types of coverage that they provide. This information will be used to determine whether or not the outlet is eligible to apply for year-long credentials for their full-time and part-time staff. These credentials would be good for all NCHSAA Events, including neutral site Championships.

Please note that scouts and “scouting services” will not be credentialed by the NCHSAA for year-long credentials. Schools may choose to permit scouting services to enter during the regular season, but no official credentials will be issued for “scouting services”.

Independent Photography and Videography Companies (Highlights) seeking credentials will need to submit letters of recommendation/approval by the Athletic Director at no less than two schools where they have worked in the past to be considered. Letters can be emailed to info@nchsaa.org.

Submission of a form does not guarantee approval for credentials. Once approved, outlets will be sent information about how each individual may apply for credentials for all full-time and part-time staff in need of credentials to perform the duties of their jobs. For the purposes of freelance employees, they will be treated as part-time. Past approval for NCHSAA Credentials does not guarantee future approval for credentials. Abuse of credential privileges by individuals representing an outlet could result in revocation of credentials for the individual and/or the outlet as a whole

Email confirmation with status will be sent once this application has been reviewed. Media outlet approval may take up to 2 weeks.