Fund Usage

Since its inception in 1991, the purpose has morphed as Board members have rotated and Association and schools' needs have changed with the times.  Initially, the intent was to provide funds for the NCHSAA to use to underwrite special events, championship events and other programs and services for member schools if funds were not available through corporate support.

In light of a healthy corporate program, including Host City Partners, the Board initiated distribution of funds in 2000/01 to all member schools for interest income generated.  Reimbursements were calculated based on the number of student athletes at each respective school.  Between 2000/01 and 2007/08, a total of $670,000 was distributed accordingly to NCHSAA member schools.

Interest income uses have varied.  Between 1994/95 and 1998/99, a total of $215,000 was approved by the Board to underwrite Olympic Sports championship events.  The funds were utilized to offset expenses related to championship events for volleyball, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's basketball, track & field, swimming, football, wrestling, men's and women's golf as well as a non-sports event, the Hall of Fame Banquet.  In addition, in 2007/08, due, due to loss of funding in the Winston-Salem community, slightly over $45,000 was designated to cover football-related expenses.

$1,119,000 is the amount of interest income utilized since 1994 for: distribution of funds to member schools, offsetting costs of Olympic playoff events and special events, student scholarships and cash awards to Member School Administrators.


More recently, through various campaign efforts, numerous scholarships have been established to benefit young men and women annually as they continue their education beyond the secondary level.  Since 2005/06, $122,250 in scholarships have been awarded to 84 deserving student athletes.

  • Charlie Adams Endowed Scholarship

  • Clary Medal Award

  • Jerry McGee Endowed Scholarship

  • Pat Gainey Student Athlete Scholarship Award

  • Tony Cullen Memorial Scholarship

  • NCHSAA Lacrosse Scholarship

  • Willie Bradshaw Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • NCHSAA Cheerleading Scholarship

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2012 Clary Medal Recipient Nancy Ford of Smoky Mountain High School Class of 2012
Wofford College Class of 2016

“I felt very special and like my hard work had paid off.  I felt like my moral lifestyle and relationships with my community did have purpose and meaning as it was recognized/awarded with the Clary Medal.” 

2014 Clary Medal Male Recipient

Alex White (R) with Chris Smith, grandson of W.C. Clary. Maiden High School Class of 2014, Harvard University Class of 2018
“The Award recognized distinguishable qualities that I possess as a person, and gave me a standard of character to uphold as I further my career”.  

AED box AED Placement Project

The NCHSAA undertook a project to offer AED (automated external defibrillator) units to member schools in need.  Over 100 units were placed as a result of the NCHSAA AED Placement Project at a cost of about $150,000 - funded by Board designated funds from the NCHSAA Endowment Fund.

Coach Awards

Initially, two cash award programs were established to recognize outstanding coaches, the Toby Webb Coach of the Year Award and the Pat Gainey Coach Award. Due to lack of nominations for the Pat Gainey Coach Award, the donor opted to provide two Pat Gainey Student Athlete Scholarship Awards.   Since their inceptions, $48,000 has been awarded; $10,000 for the Pat Gainey Coach Award and $38,000 for the Toby Webb Coach of the Year Award

  • Toby Webb 'Coach of the Year' Award 
  • Pat Gainey Coach Award

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2011 Toby Webb Coach of the Year Award
From left to right Female recipient: Coach Zoe Bell, Ardrey Kell High School, Toby Webb, Male recipient: Coach Ray Horton, Pender High School