Endowment Games

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What is an Endowment Game?

An additional income source was created through the inception of the "Endowment Game" concept in 1993-94. These games are completely optional, one per sport and may not extend the season. They do not count against the season limitation in the sport. Endowment games must be revenue producing, currently with 25% of the gross revenue restricted to the endowment fund within Board designated funds.

Except for football, an endowment game may be played prior to the regular first season contest or during an open date in the season. The game must fall within the weekly limitation criteria. The host school must request and be granted prior permission by the NCHSAA to play the endowment game. The opponent must be informed of the request to be classified as an endowment game.

The NCHSAA may approve additional endowment game requests to assist member schools with scheduling issues; however, under no circumstances may any additional endowment game (other than the one allowed and described above) be played that would otherwise result in any member school exceeding the regular season game limitation.

Twenty-five (25) percent of the gross revenue will be remitted to the NCHSAA. Expenses will be deducted from the remaining proceeds and divided between the competing schools. The competing schools are responsible for determining allowable expenses and the team shares.

The endowment game concept has proven to be an effective means to both involve member schools and generate funds simultaneously. Each year, the number of schools participating in these games has increased and other state associations have replicated the concept.

Since inception, schools participating in endowment games have received $10.5 million in shared revenues.

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