NCHSAA Endowed funds exist through contributions from individuals, businesses and other private sources.  Contributions are invested and a portion of the interest income generated from these investments is available for program usage as designated and approved by the NCHSAA Board of Directors and commissioner.

The NCHSAA Endowed Funds were established, respectively, in 1991 and 1996.  The General Endowment's stated purpose was initially to preserve and create opportunities for student-athletes statewide participating in athletic programs at NCHSAA member high schools and to allow the Association to maintain quality programs and services for its member high schools. Over the years, various campaign efforts have provided funds to establish numerous scholarship opportunities for students at NCHSAA member high schools as well as recognition for deserving coaches.

The Hall of Fame Endowment was created to preserve, recognize and honor school administrators who have given years of time, experience, passion for sports, and mentoring to the young athletes they worked with when actively coaching and teaching.  Recognition is given at an annual Hall of Fame Banquet in the spring as well as special recognition at a collegiate game.

Case For Support

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes comprehensive and versatile athletic programs as integral components of the education process. Since 1913, NCHSAA has been a valuable partner to high school sports, administering the state's interscholastic athletic program for public and non-boarding parochial high schools. The NCHSAA sets a standard of excellence for all schools throughout the state and helps provide the tools that enable our schools to meet these standards.

Currently, 195,000 student athletes are enhancing their lives and building social skills through participation in one of the twenty-two sanctioned sports programs in North Carolina. These athletic programs are building blocks for citizenship. Sports programs offer wholesome activities that teach honesty, teamwork, accountability, discipline and loyalty to community and school. In addition, research suggests that organized sports programs promote responsible social behavior and greater academic success among participating students.

Student Athletes
Grade Point Average: 2.86
Graduation Rate: 99.56%

Grade Point Average: 1.96
Graduation Rate: 94.66%

The NCHSAA plays a pivotal role in the success of North Carolina's high school athletic programs. Presently supported by nominal members' dues, playoff receipts, and corporate support, the Association is actively involved in many areas that affect high school sports. Recent activities include:

  • Insuring that programs are educational and of lasting value.
  • Recognizing academic excellence through scholarships and other academic recognition platforms.
  • Creating programs that enhance leadership development and provide sessions to aid in the prevention of drugs, alcohol, and other substance abuse.
  • Offering Student Service Programs for training of coaches, athletes and administrators to maximize the student athletes' leadership roles within their respective communities. 
  • Setting standards for sportsmanship by recruiting and training more than 6,000 game officials annually.
  • Developing statewide regulations that assure fair and equitable treatment for all athletes.
  • Providing mandatory catastrophic insurance for all program participants.
  • Organizing championships in twenty-three sports (twelve for men and eleven for women), plus a cheerleading invitational event.
  • Certifying eligibility for all athletes.

Athletic programs have the ability to turn at-risk youth in positive directions. Sports programs promote healthy social and physical development while offering positive alternatives to high risk behavior. Evidence also supports a strong correlation between a drop in teen pregnancies and participation in high school sports programs. These statistics confirm the position of NCHSAA - that high school athletics are an important factor in the success of many students. As the cost of athletic programs increase, many states are forced to pass the fees along directly to students. According to national statistics, there is a 25% to 30% reduction in participation when fees are implemented. Consequently, many of the students who benefit most from athletic programs cannot afford to participate.  In an effort to address the issue of rising costs, the teachers, coaches, principals, superintendents and community volunteers involved with the Athletic Association helped create and continue to support an endowment fund to subsidize and improve the services that should be offered by their statewide association. Ways in which the NCHSAA Endowed funds are currently working for the membership:

  • Funding invested for education-based programs that will optimize the opportunity to teach sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship, and respect in every North Carolina High School through sports programs.
  • Ability to reduce the escalating costs of local sports programs by increasing NCHSAA's allowance for teams participating in playoffs for meals, motels and mileage; and
  • Funding available to member schools as deemed feasible and apporiate by the commissoner and board of directors.

According to Fortune Magazine, 95% of Fortune 500 executives participated in school athletics. Many of our state's business and political leaders attribute their success in part to participation in high school sports. Whether through the encouragement of a coach or the lessons learned on the playing field, these community leaders learned early in life about the value of high school athletics. Today, we are hopeful that many of these individuals will extend the same opportunity to tomorrow's leaders through their support of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Endowment Fund.