North Carolina High School Athletic Association

2023-2024 Head Coach Clinic Compliance

Updated: September 6, 2023

All head coaches must complete the NCHSAA Rules Clinic through NFHS Learn before the first competition date. Please contact Logan McNeil at with questions.

*Schools not participating in a particular sport will be removed from the attendance list after the eligibility summary forms are received*

  • First Column School Name
  • Second Column Marked as a coach in profile
  • Third Column Head Coach Listed in Directory

Click on tab at bottom to select sport.

There should only be one head coach listed in the directory. If two are listed, only the first individual will receive communications.

Click here to access the NCHSAA/NFHS Sports Rules Clinics for Head Coaches

If a school isn’t listed, the head coach hasn’t completed the clinic.

Please do not call the NCHSAA office to verify attendance. Check with your head coaches to ensure compliance.  The athletic director must identify the coach as HEAD in DragonFly and then upload the completion certificate to their account.