2018 Spring NCHSAA Board of Directors | Agenda Items

Below is the list of Potential Agenda Items for the upcoming Spring Meeting of the NCHSAA Board of Directors. The meeting will be held May 1-2, 2018

This list is provided for review by our membership.  If you have thoughts, concerns or additional feedback related to any of these topics, please contact the NCHSAA office or your regional members of the Board of Directors.

Tabled Items:
    Daily Limitations in Lacrosse
    Resolution of Tied games in Soccer
    Health & Safety of 7-on-7 Events; Scrimmages
    Scheduling Software 
    Fee Structure for Regional Supervisors
    Home School Students/Inclusion Issues

  • Ejection, Incident & Penalty Report
  • Review Ejection Policy for Scrimmages 
  • Approval of Any New Regional Supervisors 
  • Review Success of Web-Based Rules’ Clinics
  • Student Services’ Program Updates and Review 
  • Calendar Review & Approval
    • Non-Sports
    • Football
  • Coaches’ Education Compliance
  • Starting Time for Playoff Contests
  • Football Clock Operator
  • Playing Earlier by Mutual Agreement
  • 2017-2018 Review of Budget 
  • 2017-2018 Sports Comparison Review
  • Review of Investment Summaries
  • Process for Mid-Realignment Appeals 
  • Progress Report of TV/Streaming Contracts
  • Personnel Updates
  • Review New Schools’ Application(s)
  • 2017-2018 Review of Playoff Process and Procedure
    • Use of MaxPreps Ranking System
  • Senior Exception for Academic Eligibility
  • Clarify Emancipation Regulations
  • Number of Contests
  • Meet Fee for Diving Judges
  • Format for Regional Assignments in Individual Sports
  • Wrestling:
    • Size of Regional Tournament
    • 1-Pound growth allowance after regular season
    • Split-Squads
  • Results of Membership Vote Relative to Constitution and Quorum Definition 
  • Handbook Editorial Changes
  • Number of Qualifiers to Indoor Track Championships
  • Use of Video to Eject Players/Coaches
  • Strategic Plan Update
  • Usage of Fine Monies
  • Indoor State Track Meet Qualifications
  • Review Cross County State Meet Qualifications