Student Leadership Conference (Cancelled)

The NCHSAA invites each of our member schools to attend the annual Student Leadership Conference (SLC) that is held in the spring semester!  The goals of this conference are to assure that student-athletes will

  1. further develop their understanding of positive leadership;
  2. gain the knowledge and skills to effectively lead their peers;
  3. acquire a general understanding of the importance of community service, positive values, sportsmanship, healthy lifestyles and self-evaluation; and
  4. feel empowered to serve as advocates for their school, community and state. 

This one-day event is a great opportunity for them to take steps in the right direction of achieving new levels of leadership.

We invite 150 student-athletes to participate in a day of fun, learning, sharing, and growing with our prestigious keynote speaker and session leaders. Each presentation and breakout session uniquely combines interactive learning with fun and excitement.

Schools can register up to two student-athletes who exemplify leadership characteristics or show great potential to be leaders amongst their peers.  We also invite one adult chaperone (coach, Athletic Director, Principal, etc.) to accompany the student leaders.


Coaches' Workshop

This workshop can be tailored to a school's needs, so a wide variety of topics can be covered. The on-site workshops can be conducted for a school's individual staff or the entire staff of an LEA. The middle school athletic staff can be included.