Swimming Officiating

From 2016-17 NCHSAA Handbook:

3.3.1.a.5 Swimming: A referee and two (2) stroke and turn judges are required for meets involving using six (6) or less lanes. A referee and three (3) stroke and turn judges are required for meets using more than six (6) lanes. Meets must have the proper number of officials in order for times to be used for regional entry. If a meet is using manual timing, and only one timer per lane is used, the meet may be conducted, but the times cannot be used for regional entry. Schools are responsible for helping recruit their own officials to register with the NCHSAA.

Page 57 Swimming: A flat fee of $51 is to be paid to each referee, and a flat fee of $26 to be paid to each stroke and turn judge and the starter. For required number of swim officials at meets, see 3.3.1.a.5.