Insurance for Officials

Below is information summarizing the NCHSAA’s Officials Excess Accident and Catastrophic Accident Insurance program.  These policies are purchased using a portion of the annual registration fee by officials.

For insurance claims or coverage questions, please contact the agency for the NCHSAA, Senn Dunn Insurance, a Marsh & McLennan Agency.

For questions contact either :

Coverage Highlights:

  • 12 month policy
  • This program is made up of 2 policies:
    • Officials Excess Accident – providing coverage from $0 - $25,000 covered, paid medical expenses.
    • Officials Catastrophic Accident – providing coverage from $$25,000 - $1 million
  • This coverage is paid in excess of benefits paid by other insurance.  Our accident insurance carrier coordinates the claim adjustment process with any underlying carrier.
  • This policy covers registered NCHSAA officials while officiating during covered events.
  • Covered events includes competition at any level, including travel to or from any Covered Activity.
  • Report any potential registered official’s accident claim Senn Dunn Insurance (contact info above).
  • Please see the claim form attached on this page if you need to file a claim.  
  • This is a brief summary of the benefits and not a contract.  The Master Policy has been provided to the NCHSAA that contains all of the provisions, limitations, exclusions and qualifications of your insurance benefits.  The Master Policy is the contract and will govern and control the payment of benefits.