Hot Weather Guidelines

LEAs may adopt guidelines that are more restrictive than any of those established by the NCHSAA. And at any time, an LEA may suspend practice, or dictate starting time/length.

• When scheduling practice, factors such as time of day, intensity of practice, equipment worn and environmental conditions should be considered.

• Water should be made available in unlimited amounts and at any time during practice.

• Designated breaks should be scheduled during practice.

• Precautions must be taken to prevent heat-related problems. A recommended heat and humidity table can be found on the NCHSAA website,, under general football information.

• All schools must be in compliance with State law (16 NCAC 6E .0203 as published in 16 NCR 19:2067) which dictates that each LEA must designate to each high school within its jurisdiction either a licensed athletic trainer or first responder. The law further mandates that this individual MUST attend all football practices and games, unless excused by the superintendent due to emergency and may not have coaching responsibilities during the season in which the person is working as a licensed athletic trainer or first responder. Any questions concerning this policy should be addressed to the State Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh, 919-807-3858.